Your Goal is to Get 100 No’s!

Your Goal is to Get 100 No’s!

Why is this you ask?

Most people have the mindset that they will wake up on a 30,000 sqft villa overlooking the San Fernando Valley with a pomegranate martini in their hands. Some honestly believe that they will magically archive success without hardly any effort at all.

Change your mindset and go for no. You will likely hear “No” a lot in your growth and journey to the top. You may hear some “Yes’s” that creep in there but for the most part you will hear No so be prepared for it. You may have to put in 100 offers to get that one accepted. You may have to go to 100 banks to get that loan so you can buy or finance your first rental or rehab project.

How no will help you grow? What’s your goal? No matter what your goal is you will have a period of trial. For some, this is in the beginning and others it may be in the middle. One thing is for sure, at some point you will struggle. Getting used to the word no will get you use to rejection and help you grow in your journey. One of the main reasons why people fail to be successful is the fear of failure. Getting over that fear is a big part of being successful.

Fall in love with the word no.

There will be 100 no’s, accept it! This is the mentality you will need to have to mentally prepare yourself for the imminent sequence of “no’s” that will occur. ¬†Seeing “No” as just another phase in a long process will shift the focus away from “No” and put it towards where it needs to be which is, producing results.

Have a plan in place, set a goal to get 100 no’s. Don’t focus on the No’s but don’t put all your effort into just getting no’s. Seek to improve and recognize patterns and try to decrease the no’s you get. Basically get in the know of reckoning that patterns of “No”. Whatever you do though, do not focus on getting “No’s”. Fall in love with the word “No”, but do not marry it!

No does not always mean no, sometimes it just means not right now. People in general have what is known as a auto-response for questions and request.¬† Sadly, most of ours is set to yes but some are set to No. Have you ever asked someone to do something for you and immediately got an automatic “No”, this is what I mean. Some people say no when they really mean “Yes” or they mean “not right now”. No does not always mean no and sometimes you have to dig deeper to find the underlying cause of why they are saying no in the first place.

The point here is that once you get use to the word “No” you become numb to it and therefore you become focused on other things. Once you fully learn the power of no you will leave “No” stone unturned. There will be “No” chance that you will fail and there will be “No” one who can stop you.