Working ON Your Business… Versus IN Your Business — Conclusion.

Wednesday, April 07

In the previous installment of this article… you can read it here… I focused on one of the key elements Michael Gerber in his book The E-Myth Revisited believed was essential to the success of any entrepreneur and that was having a clear, articulated vision for their business.  I believe I made mention that most real estate investors only got into real estate for the money… and if that is the VISION for your business expect real and significant challenges as you try to grow your baby.

Here is another insight… and I am pretty sure that most of you, no all of you, have fallen into this trap.

You left your full-time job thinking that you were going to make a heck of a lot of money and that once the cash started rolling in, you would be able to sit back and everything would take care of itself.  The sad truth however, is that it probably didn’t happen that way.  For most real estate investors, that would include you and me… if we removed ourselves from our businesses… the business would most likely wither and die!

(Note:  I would love to be proven wrong regarding the above statement… if you believe your situation has been different please share your story.)

Now… where was I?

So, in essence what we did was we traded one job, a job that at least paid on a consistent basis and one that we could quite and move to another one, for a job that at best pays consistently and that we are “welded” to and can’t get rid of… even if we wanted to.

Sound familiar?

Why is that?  I believe what Gerber stated is correct… “almost everyone moves from one job (as a technician) to creating our own business where we start as (technicians) and we never figure out how grow out of doing everything ourselves.”  Or in other words we end up being the chief cook and bottle washer for… FOREVER!

OK… so what do we do about this conundrum that we find ourselves in?  And notice that I am including myself here.  Even as seasoned a business builder as I am, I constantly struggle to get out of the technician mode and into the manager/visionary role.  It is tough!

About this conundrum… first I am going to take a swipe at the gurus.  Yes… I know they are an easy target.  My purpose in bringing up gurus is that they all focus on you being a technician first.  Almost every course I have ever read focuses on just a few techniques, sometimes only one, and then of course the expectation is that you should go out and execute.  Again, being forced into the position of a technician.

What if there were a different way to view what the gurus provide to us perpetual technicians?  What if instead of you, or I for that matter, getting too bogged down in the weeds or details of whatever approach we are following and instead take the gurus stuff and start to teach it to our team members… or virtual assistants/employees if you have them?  How quickly would your business accelerate if you could find a way to get your team or virtual assistants/employees to take this guru stuff and run with it?

I think you see where I am going with this discussion.

If you want your business to grow, you must grow out of being a technician and get beyond the point of doing everything yourself… and instead learn how to direct others, using your systems (this could be guru stuff) to run and grow your business.

If you don’t you will find that your levels of frustration only increase until your new found job is no longer fun… but actually way too much work!

I’d appreaciate your thoughts on this series and what take-aways you are willing to implement in your real estate business.

Drop us a line and share your actions and results.

To Your Success…


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