Why a Nashville Real Estate Brokerage is in hot water

Another flyer from a Nashville Real Estate Brokerage succeeded in pulling in customers and gaining attention, just not the right kind.

Armstrong Real Estate as of late conveyed mailers highlighting the slogan,

“East Nashville. More neighbor than hood.”

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As various news outlets have reported, the flier has stirred up some mixed emotions on social networks, with numerous calling it a “dog whistle” to draw in whites to the territory, which has been quickly gentrifying.

The association’s proprietor, Aaron Armstrong, told the Nashville Scene that he’s

“ashamed and I’m embarrassed and I feel really terrible.”

Armstrong said the slogan was a continuation of one of the company’s past mailers, which said, “Armstrong Real Estate. More genuine than bequest.” He additionally indicated different employments of “hood” in East Nashville that haven’t been questionable, including a prominent guard sticker (“Over the stream and through the hood”) and a menu thing at Nuevo Burrito (a quesadilla that likewise riffed on the “Over the waterway” bit).

“Had I considered it or demonstrated to it to another person who had that translation, that line never would have made it off the paper. Be that as it may, it did, and the main thing I know not is to apologize,” Armstrong told the Scene.

“It’s not what we remain for and it’s not our craving to affront anyone. It’s my business and I’m the one that is capable. What’s more, I botched and I’m sad.”

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