Top 10 Bandit Sign Mistakes

Thursday, March 29

I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about Bandit Signs and
how to use them. Well, I really see the need in getting this information
out there with spring being here, the new investors I see out there and
the mistakes being made by those who use Bandit Signs.
I’ve done a couple of videos on Bandit Signs which I’m sure you’ve seen by now where i gave helpful tips. In this post I’m covering the Top 10 Bandit Sign Mistakes investors are making and how to correct them.
Lets get started:

BREAKING THE LAW – I can’t stress this enough! Know
your locations laws on the usage of Bandit Signs. If they are outlawed
then look to other means for getting your message out. We as real estate
investors already have a negative image we’re fighting so don’t make it
worse by breaking the law.  ****Solution****
Use 4×6 postcards with your message on them and post them on message
boards at your church, grocery store, laundromat, community center or
any place where they have a message board.

WRONG SIZE – When using bandit signs you want to
make sure your signs are able to be noticed by those who pass them by.
I’ve seen signs that were 12×18; these may be cheaper but they are also
harder to see by potential clients who are passing by in their cars. ****Solution****
Spend a few dollars more and get Bandit Signs that are 18×24. The cost
will be more than the smaller signs but order 50 and not 100. The larger
signs are easier to see plus you have the added advantage of more space
for your message.

SAYING TOO MUCH – Investors often have too much to
say on their Bandit Signs. Depending on who you’re marketing to, sellers
or buyers, you must  not have a long message or they may pass your sign
trying to read all of it and not get your number off of it. ****Solution****  Make your message short and to the point. Use 1 liners, you don’t have to use a complete sentence.

THE WRONG MESSAGE – In many cases I see the old
tried and true “We Buy Houses” message on the majority of the Bandit
Signs out there. Ask yourself, does that really work? Most people in any
decent size city with real estate investors has seen this message SO
much that it’s not effective any more. When it comes to messages for
buyers most investors will use the “For Sale By Owner” signs. This is
another one that doesn’t garner much attention anymore. ****Solution**** 
(A Couple Messages for Sellers)
Sell Me Your House Today
Need To Sell I’m Buying
(A Couple Messages For Buyers)
Help! Buy My House
Tired Homeowner Sale

SIGN PLACEMENT – I see Bandit Signs placed wrong all
the time. I understand many times you may be placing them out late at
night, in a rush or in an area with other signs so you’re trying to get
the best placement possible so that your sign is noticed.  ****Solution****
Place your Bandit Signs in areas where people have to stop and look at
them like traffic lights, stop signs, freeway exists, gas stations (if
possible). Place your signs in an area where you don’t have to compete
for views, if there are 3 or 4 other signs there find another place to
put your sign. Place them in position so that they can be easily viewed
and read by those who will pass them by. Never and I do mean Never put
your sign in the middle of the block where people don’t have to stop, if
you do, then you just wasted your time and your sign.

NO NUMBER – Believe it or not I’ve actually seen Bandit Signs with a message and no contact info.  ****Solution****
Always, Always, Always, Always make sure you have your contact number
on your Bandit Signs. If possible make your number as large as possible
so that it fills up a whole line. As an added twist put your number
first, on the top of your Bandit Signs. If you have a website, a short
easy to remember website add it to your sign if it works and looks good.

OVERKILL – investors, especially beginners will fall
victim to this. This is when you see a particular Bandit Sign at every
corner you come to. You see it so much it’s annoying.  ****Solution****
When using Bandit Signs to attract sellers target a specific area and
put out 5 to 10 signs. Avoid the urge of wanting to blanket as much of
the city as possible. By targeting specific areas at a time you can
better track your leads and learn that area, plus you can avoid getting
calls for areas you don’t want to deal with.

COLORS – I’ve seen Bandit Signs in black &
white, blue & yellow, red & green, and purple & white. Some
colors just wont cut it, some might.  ****Solution****
When deciding on your colors for your signs use those that you know
will work. yellow & black, red & white, blue & white and try
the new hot colors hot pink and black.

FALSE MESSAGE – I’ve seen Bandit Signs that say “I’ll buy you house in 2 days” and other stuff like that.  ****Solution****
Don’t say things on your sign that you can’t fulfill. If you do and you
don’t perform the word will get around and your leads will dry up.

NO MARKETING – How many so-called real estate investors do you know that say they invest but yet they don’t do any marketing.  ****Solution****
As long as Bandit Signs are not against the law in your area you are
fighting an uphill battle by not using Bandit Signs. They can be your
key to getting leads and massively increasing your real estate investing
business. Get them and use the. Get them here
Please share your thoughts or comments and let me know if you witness any other mistakes investors make with their Bandit signs.


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