Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t, Guru.

Every morning I check my e-mail and I usually have to sort through 100’s of e-mails from so called Guru’s and the products they offer. It kind of makes you wonder sometimes. Do gurus build and use these inventions to do all the work for them? Does it do what they say it will do? If they are so successful then why aren’t they mega billionaires? And most importantly, why is it that these guys claim to be the leading expert on this or that but most of the time you’ve never heard of these guys before?

Some of the really successful real estate investors that I have met personally say that they have NEVER taken a real estate investment course. Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?

I have noticed the problem with the majority of these programs focus around the following

  1. The program taught doesn’t actually function in today’s market.
  2. The program focuses too much on motivation material and not on the actual subject.
  3. The program does not provide the person purchasing the program with the knowledge, experience or education necessary to effectively implement the program.
  4. The program contains very basic information that can be obtained by other means “i.e. forums and books”.
  5. The coaches and consultants are inexperienced and/or incompetent.
  6. The program accepts anyone who can pay although many accepted don’t have the necessary personal tools to be successful.
  7. The program overstates the size of the target market.
  8. The program makes false and/or misleading promises.
  9. The program understates the amount of capital necessary for success.
  10. The program understates the amount of time and effort necessary for success.
  11. The program assumes that because of its success in one market it will be successful everywhere all the time.

The main theme here is that if you the power to do something you do it. You don’t need a guru to show you how to flip houses when you’re flipping 2 or 3 a month. You don’t need a course when you’re actively doing real estate in the real world. Most if not all of these programs target the “get rich fast and easy” crowd which is funny because most big time real estate investors will tell you it is far from easy and quick. If you are like me and love to read autobiographies or “wiki” famous people read the stories of Donald Trump or Donald Bren. You will see that not only was it not quick but it wasn’t easy for a lot of them.