The Best Ways to Raise Private Money

Tuesday, August 21


Every month, if not every week, I go to Real Estate
Investment meetings all around the tri-state area and recently the New York
area as well.  I usually attend these
meetings to network with investors and many times speak on a multitude of
subjects. Working in nearly every capacity of the real estate business, I get
asked a lot of the same questions by people new to investing.  Having raised millions of dollars for
multiple companies (including my own) I’m always asked for advice on raising
private money.



How I got started


When I first started raising private money, I learned from fundraising
for a company that wasn’t even my own.  I
came into the job by chance when I ran an extensive Real Estate networking
group in Philadelphia.  This new company
came along and saw I had such a large network; they hired me to raise money for
them. The company I worked for was investing in real estate (mobile home parks
specifically) so I would travel to many real estate networking groups and raise


Some techniques…


One of the best ways to raise money is to ask people you
already know or have a relationship with. 
Especially if you have made them money before or have a track record of
similar projects, they usually will be more inclined to work with you.  And remember if you don’t have a track
record, you could always use your mentor’s company record.  You need to demonstrate you know what you’re
doing or you’re working with people who do. 
You have to come across with integrity, confidence and above all honesty
and trust.


When venturing outside of friends and family, like in my
case where I would meet new investors, the process is simply to be as good of a
listener as you are a talker. You should ask people with genuine interest
what they do for a living and what exactly they are looking for in their
specific investment.  You should then try
to find a jumping off point from what they say, usually by asking what they’re having
success with.  Either with that technique,
or the other person merely returning the favor; you’ll be asked what you do.
That’s when you tell them you raise private money for a living and the type of
project you’re currently raising money for such as mobile home parks,
commercial office condos, or notes, and then the rest is simple.


Why just raise money for one small rehab project when you
could purchase $30 million in mobile home parks with just $8 million of private
money like we did.  How many rehab deals
could you do with an unlimited supply of money? This is also how I raised money
for my own company PPR to purchase delinquent loans & mortgages in bulk
from banks. You could manage more notes then you could manage properties any


So what are the three best ways to learn how to raise
private money?


Like me, raise
private money for someone else’s project and learn from their expertise,
resources, and network. 

Raise private
money for a charity- It’s a good cause and charities are often times easier to
raise money for than a traditional company.


Teach Raising
Private Money-      
The best place to teach it is at self-directed
IRA companies’ events.



My last piece of advice…




Sometimes it’s the best insurance when starting a newer
venture and it protects all parties in case there’s liquidation in the


You get the needed capital to move forward with your project
and the investors aren’t involved in your day-to-day operations.  They’re protected because all risks have been
thoroughly disclosed to them in advance. And if the project doesn’t work out,
the dissolution of the company can be completed in an orderly fashion.


Best of all, the legal and accounting start up costs can be
expensed through the funds that are raised.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t lose another deal because
you couldn’t get the money, raise it yourself! Today I practice what I preach,
I teach raising private money as many places as possible, including my
company’s bi-monthly events just outside Philadelphia, PA. By: Dave Van Horn


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