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  1. Hello,

    I’m an active and experienced real estate operator currently looking for real estate investment flips preferably, but would consider buy and holds if the cash flow is considerable. I use hard money and am pre-approved with several hard money lenders. I’d like to hear about properties located in the greater Memphis, Houston and Austin, TX areas. Thanks for your time.


  2. I find deals for investors nationwide and I would like to build a relationship with you.

    Thomas Gist

  3. Please add me to your wholesale list also if you or your buyers need hard money let me know we typically do 10 to 15% down no loan fee 16% rate for fix and flip investors and or wholesalers

  4. Thank you so much now I can change me & my family life.

  5. Very much looking foward to working with you I am a newbie & am working on my first deal as we speak.Looking for hot deals in Antioch,Nashville & Brentwood TN.excited but in need of a little advice from time to time.Dont know any wholesalers here yet just stepped out.

  6. Hi Thomas, I am looking for properties in the Nashville area to purchase. My investor is looking for 5-10 per month to buy and flip.

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