My Real Estate Toolbox

Tools of the Trade
I do NOT receive any affiliate commission from promoting these products.
findcomps 1. Findcompsnow
A great free site to find comps.
findcomps 2. Postcardmania A great place for dirtcheap postcards.
frrf 3. eRealAnalyzer
My mainstay when it comes to analyzing properties.
zillow 4. Zillow
Great place for comparable sales, rentals and info on home values.
skype_logo 5. Skype
The best and cheapest tool to use as a second phone at a little over $3 a month.
docusign 6. DocuSign
Get your contracts and forms e-signed to save money and time.
findseller 7. Find The Seller
A great skip trace service to find that hard to reach seller.
quarrylogo 8. Searchquarry
Find out if a property has liens or unpaid taxes instantly
logo-ico-new 9. InvestorCompsOnline
Very good appraisal reports for very little.
eztext 10. EzTexting
Send out a text blast to those buyers that don’t have an e-mail
default-efax-logo 11. eFax
Set up a fax system online for free using this site
netr_online_logo 12. Netronline
Find your county find links to your county’s public records.
Good Apps To Use
HomeSnap Uses your camera and the GPS built into your phone to get instant public information and data on properties just by taking a picture.
Camera+ Adds additional controls to the built-in camera to help you take better photos, especially in low light.
Magicplan Creates Floor plans and Room Sizes by taking interior pictures of the home.
Business Tools
Dirt Cheap Signs In almost every case they have been my cheapest solution to getting bandit signs. They don’t call it Dirt Cheap Signs for nothing.
Agentpro247 Originally designed for Real Estate Agents this is a great tool for Real Estate Investors. the normal price for a bronze subscription on AgentPro is $20/mo. In order to get it for $18, you have to enter Partner ID: CFGRSH during the sign up process.
USPS Every Door There will be times when you need to mail to every house in a neighborhood and this is the best solution. It is cheaper than a postcard but the vast majority of these leads will be pointless if you don’t have the right marketing.
Dropbox When I need to share files with someone I use this.
Podio CRM To me this is not only the best but simplest to use to manage your wholesale real estate business.
Sendoutcards Post card marketing with a special touch.
Click2mail Affordable post-card marketing.
Listsource This is where I go to get the mailing list to mail to. Has the best pricing of any list provider.
Melissadata Similar to Listsource but with more options
Usleadlist Similar to Listsource but with more options and a FSBO list.
Yellowletters The best site hands down for hand written yellow letters. Great for probates
Bluehost This is who I use for my hosting at $4 /mo.
Odesk When I need to hire virtual assistants this is who I use.
WordPress This is what I use to do all my web sites.
Drupal Similar to wordpress but a tad more advanced. Although I have never used this it is a great tool for building websites.

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