Real Estate Matchmaker Review, Real Estate Matchmaker is a Sca..!!!

matchmaker review

Man Flips House Wearing Nothing But a Snorkel!!!

That maybe far-fetched but possible.

I am going to do my best to provide a good Preston Ely’s Real Estate Matchmaker Review.

It’s pretty frustrating to run around town knocking on doors and posting bandit signs without any real success. In school we had teachers, in life we have role models and in real estate we have mentors. A good mentor is worth their weight in gold and a good course can pay for itself 10 times over. The key is a good mentor and a good course!!!

If you yet to have closed a deal you need this? If you have closed a few deals you sill need this.

I have to be honest and say I was skeptical at first. I mean, how often do we get emails from Guru’s promising to make money. Every other day right!!!

I got this e-mail in my inbox from Preston promising I could make anywhere from $2,250 to $10,500 for every single house I found. I was interested since this is what I am all about, Making Money!!!

Is this system real?

the short answer is YES.

So I bought the system and this is what I got…

On day 1 I watched a training video on how to use this system, it was very in-dept and covered every aspect of the system.

Everything Real Estate Matchmaker does:

  • Comparable sales service – Get a lead and quickly see what sales are in the area based on most recent up to date data. This is great for knowing your stuff while talking on the phone to sellers. Has all the info you need right in front of you. I use to use 5 different websites for run comes (Google maps, county records, Zillow, Epprasial & Trulia)
  • Websites and Email Marketing – I told you how it works. It’s basically a full email system for keeping in contact with both buyers and sellers.
  • Lead Generation Tools – Instant leads, depending on your area, will give you seller leads for your real estate investing business; keeping it all within Real Estate Matchmaker
  • One Click Contract Generation – No more filling out paper contracts. Real Estate matchmaker has a contract system like no other that allows you to create your own signature to paste on contracts. Everything is filled out based on a few form fields. After you fill in the necessary info, a few clicks and you contact can be printed, emailed or faxed to whoever needs to see it to get the deal done.
  • Faxing included – You’ll be able to fax documents right from Real Estate Matchmaker with the push of a button. It’s all included so you won’t be billed anything extra.
  • Multiple Logins – you can create different logins for different people and give them access to different parts of the software. This can work great for assistants and partners in your business.
  • One Click Direct Mail Generation – Using services like Click2Mail can be a bit tough. REMM is all about doing things easy. Upload your templates or use the ones they provide and at the click of a button, send out a direct mail campaign to your buyers and sellers.
  • Property Marketing made easy – Blast your properties to your cash buyers using your own templates or pre-designed templates. You can also send your deals to your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts for more exposure. REMM also creates a HTML code that you paste in Craigslist and/or backpage that looks very professional.
  • Integrated Education – Hours and hours of video on how to use Real estate matchmaker, negotiating techniques from Pete The Ninja

In addition to that you also get access to.

  • Access to his house flipping system.
  • Access to MLS listings.
  • Instant leads in your area, which I don’t know how this system has this, I invest in a small market where it’s hard to find data online”.
  • Training on REO’S
  • Training on Probates.
  • Access to Cash buyers in my area. “which I don’t know how this system has this again”.
  • Access to a letter generator for pre-written letters for probates, out of sates land lords, cash buyers and more
  • Access to a good comp system.

Ok so the question you may have is, is it worth it?

Since I’ve used his system I’ve done 3 deals and let me tell you it’s streamlined my wholesaling business. I used to keep excel files, personal folder in outlook, and among other things napkins with phone numbers on them, “I mean how professional is that”? Now I have the advantage in my area because I have a system that works “for me at least anyway”.

The bottom line is Real Estate Matchmaker ROCKS!. Real Estate Matchmaker is way different than anything I’ve seen. What you will learn will change everything you ever thought about getting money from real estate and pretty much most of it is already done for you! This thing will stream line your business and do most of everything for you.




Click Here For The Real Estate Matchmaker

p.s it’s only $37

it should be back up now but he will  take it down again soon so if you want it get it while you can.