Real Estate Investing With Little To No Money

Thursday, October 11

Most real estate investors assume they need a lot of money to get started, and this hold them back. Nothing can be further from the truth. You can still do great deals and make money spending little to no money of your own. Currently, most people are unable to invest in real estate because most lenders have tightened their lending procedures too much.  If they can qualify for these mortgages, they are required to put down as much as 20%, and are allowed just a few investment properties.In this article, we explore how to invest in real estate using little to no money of your own. I prefer to invest safely with little to no risk, and have been wholesaling houses for years.

Wholesaling houses involves locating and flipping cheap houses for a profit to other real estate investors. You can assign a contract to another real estate investor with cash.  You buyer closes the deal on your behalf using the same contract terms you signed with your seller. You walk home with an assignment fee at closing. You can also do a simultaneous closing where and buy and sell the property on the same closing table. This means you have a contract to buy the house, and another contract where you are the seller.  Of course, your selling price is higher than the buying price, and your profit is the difference, less fees and expenses. Until recently, you could use money from your buyer to close the first transaction; most lenders did not care.   In recent years, most lenders now require that you have money to close the first transaction.  This is no big deal. For this you need transactional funding.  Transactional funding is available to real estate investors and allows you to cover up to 100% buying under-valued properties which you sell for a profit.Both transactions can be closed in a matter of minutes or as long as practical. Transactional funding is usually available within a few days.  Your personal qualification is not necessary.  It will not require you to have a good credit, steady income or a good bank balance.

They just need to see that you have lined up a qualified buyer for the property.The buyer could be another real estate investor with verifiable cash, or have been approved for a mortgage. There are lots of properties you buy as a real estate investor using this method. This cuts down your risk to almost zero, – no repair or holding costs, tenants and so on.   If you can find a constant supply of deals and buyers, you can move as many properties as you can handle using this method. As a real estate investor, when you buy and sell houses, it is necessary to automate daily repetitive tasks to make your work easier and be more productive.  An interactive  website  for real estate investing provides this solution, allowing you to increase your profitability and efficiency.


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