NEW: Building Your Real Estate Buyer’s List Forum

Thursday, March 11

In an effort to help the investors here on BiggerPockets in building of their Buyer’s Lists, we’ve gone and created a new forum area.  Introducing the:Build Your Buyer’s List Here ForumIn this forum, found in the REAL ESTATE DEALMAKING Section, investors can create a thread where they solicit buyer’s for their lists.  Each member is entitled to ONE thread where they can tell the world who it is that they are looking for.Until now, users had to post in one HUGE thread where everyone else was also posting, but we realized that this was relatively useless and devoid of value for all involved. So, now you’ve got your own place to talk about your list, promote it, etc. Please be sure to review the posting rules for this forum before participating.We hope you all find this to be a valuable addition.Good luck! 


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