Is REO Rockstar A Scam? Before You Buy Read This…

headerWatch the video here and see why theĀ REO Rockstar is the best course on REO’s hands down.

I have been wholesaling for about 5 years now and there is not too much about I don’t know or haven’t heard Before. I will do my best to provide an honest review of the REO Rockstar Home Study Course by Preston Ely. This is my first real Preston Ely review so bear with me.


For 5 years I had been stuck in a job that I hated. I had been looking for an alternate way to make money so that my family and I could have a more comfortable life. Then one day a co-worker told me about the Reo Rockstar course. At first I had my doubts about what such a course could do for me. I had done some real estate investing previously; I made some good money doing it but thought to myself, “this is a really bad economic environment to buy real estate.” Knowing already about the potential profits, I decided to go ahead and purchase the course. I had more to gain than I had to lose.

After taking the course I learned that I did lose by not acting sooner. I also learned that I did not have to use my own money to make investments in properties. I had been doing it wrong all along. Until taking the REO Rockstar course I thought I was a savvy investor. Perhaps if I had taken the course during my first few investments on my own, I would have continued to invest in real estate and I would be well on my way to an early retirement.

With the information I have learned from the REO Rockstar course I now know where to go to find REO’s, which ones are the right ones for me, the right questions to ask, and the right people to ask those questions. Even in this poor financial environment, especially in this bad financial environment thousands of people are using the information that they have gained from the REO Rockstar course and making their dreams come true. Why should one of those people not be me? The amount of foreclosures the banks are dealing with is creating wealth for anyone and everyone that knows how to use them to their advantage. That is what I am learning to do with the REO Rockstar course.


If it seems as though I am overly excited about this course it is because I am. Growing up I always wanted to be a rock star, but after you have grown up and you cannot sing or play an instrument you learn quickly to move on to something else. With this course I am already starting to see results and soon I will be a REO Rock Star.


When you get the REO rockstar this is what you will receive…

Module 1: (audio at 11 minutes)
Foreclosure Finder Secrets

Module 2: (audio: 85 minutes + PDF Report)
Researching Potential Investments

Module 3: (audio: 39 minutes + PDF Report)

Module 4: (audio: 26 minutes + PDF Report)
Financial Analysis

Module 5: (audio: 66 minutes + PDF Report)
Negotiating & Making Offers

Module 6: (audio: 98 minutes + PDF Report)
Perfect Buys & Wholesaling

Module 7: (audio: 76 minutes + PDF Report)
Rehabbing and Appraisals

Module 8: (audio: 76 minutes + PDF Report)

Module 9: (audio: 86 minutes + PDF Report)
Refinance and Cash-Out

Module 10: (audio: 65 minutes + PDF Report)
The Best Exit Strategies

Bottom line: You should consider this course if you are thinking about getting into REO’s or if you are serious about being a real estate investor period. Preston hasn’t let me down yet and he delivers great in-depth content. Most so called “courses” don’t nearly go into as much detailĀ as he does.

Plus the thing only cost $97.

gI_68709_ReoRockstar_300x250Check it out here, if he still has it up!!!


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