How To Prepare Tenants For Hurricane Season

Friday, September 28

 Hurricane season is upon many landlords along the coasts. Aside from dealing with the everyday problems a property presents with tenants and repairs, landlords and property managers must also consider the problems that can arise when a hurricane hits. As Hurricane Isaac passes and more tropical storms pose a looming threat, landlords should take this opportunity to prepare tenants for hurricane season.Monitor the Weather and Evacuation MandatesSome tenants might not even know a storm is approaching. Landlords should remind tenants to keep up with the National Weather Service and their local news for storm updates. Weather reports can clue tenants in on where the storm is headed and what they will need to do to prepare. You should also remind tenants to always have a disaster kit in their apartments, condos or homes. The basics of food, water, a first aid kit and lots of flashlights and batteries are always a good idea to have on hand during hurricane season.Have Emergency Contact InformationTenants should also have an emergency contact list on hand during hurricane season. This list should include local hospitals, utility companies, TV and radio stations, along with county law enforcement and county public safety, fire and rescue. It is also a good idea to tell tenants to keep in touch with the local emergency management office with a hurricane on the horizon.Don’t Return Home Until the Area is Declared SafeLandlords might come back after a hurricane has roared through the area to find some tenants lingering about when the area has yet to be declared safe. Landlords need to remind tenants that if they have to evacuate, they should not return until it is safe to do so.Familiarize Yourself with Laws Regarding Tenants and DisastersMake sure that both you and your tenants know what is required of you legally should the property be severely damaged by a hurricane. Both you and your tenant have rights in the case of a natural disaster. Zach Devine, (A Service of AppFolio)


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