How To Do Real Estate Wholesaling on Ebay

How To Do Real Estate Wholesaling on eBay


  1. Go to, once there go to the Real Estate Section then Your State.
  2. Click on Advanced Search option beside the search field.
  3. See who bought what. The zip code they bought in and how much they paid.
  4. Log this information in an excel file.
  5. Contact the buyer and ask them if they would like to buy some more property in the same area.
  6. If they say yes, find a property that matches their criteria and get it under contract. Craigslist is a great source for stuff like this. You are looking for property in the same zip, bedrooms, and bathrooms around the same square footage as the property they bought.
  7. Contact buyer and market deal to them.
  8. You can also market the deal on eBay, just make sure that the auction is a 10 day or more action and make sure to have the bidder bid on the non-refundable earnest money deposit and not the full price of the property unless the full price is under $10,000.
  9. Contact buyer to setup inspection, closing date, etc, etc.
  10. Call your Title Company to assign the contract to the buyer. They will coordinate everything with them and you shouldn’t have to worry.


If no one has bided on property and less than 10 people are watching on the 8th day cancel auction. “This should allow you to recoupe your initial investmentof $100. In the event that it doesn’t see below.”.

If your buyer backs out and no one else has bided on the auction you can contact eBay support and say you both mutually withdraw from that auction and they should refund your money back. If you ask them nicely they will refund you money but only once so don’t screw up to often.

If the property does sell then call or email the buyer and arrange time to get property under contract ASAP.



Do it all over again, and again, and again.


Let me know if I left anything out or if you have any questions. Also if you close a deal using this share your testimonial with us. How about I charge $1,000 for a boot camp on this stuff? I bet you would use it then.