How Much Money Does A Real Estate Wholesaler Make On A Typical Deal?

Author: Eddie Case

A typical Real Estate wholesaler who is wholesaling single family homes can expect to make (on Average) $5,000.00 to $7,500.00+ per deal!

Lets take a moment and talk about what the wholesaler actually does to make this 5K to 7.5K on each wholesale deal.

1.)The wholesaler tracked down another great wholesale priced property by applying the techniques he has learned about real estate wholesaling:

* He has a marketing advertising program going
* He’s got a real estate website up and running
* He’s networking with other local and national real estate investors
* etc.!

2.) The wholesaler has found a buyer who wants to purchase this excellent priced investment property from him (the Investor/Buyer is also called the “end user” of the wholesale deal.
* He’s built a list of hungry Motivated Buyers who are literally standing in line to buy his available inventory of wholesale priced deals and houses cheap.
* He’s also staying in constant Contact with his Investor/Buyers list and updating them on his available inventory through emails, post cards, websites, Blogs, faxes and phone calls.

So what has the wholesaler really done here? He’s done 2 things:
1.) He’s built a buyers list of motivated buyers who are constantly looking to purchase new properties from him.

2.) He’s built his property locating system, which continually brings him a fresh supply of wholesale priced properties. Property that is typically going to be priced at 40 to 60% of the Fair Market Value (FMV).

Once these 2 systems are built and solidly in place, the wholesaler’s business is completely automated to find properties and sell properties.

Once these 2 systems are in place, the time that is involved in structuring a wholesale deal is only a few hours at best! Now the wholesaler can comfortably do 2-5 deals a month and make $10,000 to $ 25,000.00 per month, or more, and have more than enough time to live life on his own terms.

So again, a typical wholesale deal profit margin is between $ 5,000.00 and $ 7,500.00. As you can see, the money is fantastic and the terms for running your own wholesale business could not be any better!

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About the Author

Since 2001 Eddie Case has flipped several hundred houses in the Harrisburg, PA region. Eddie’s “straight line” approach to Wholesaling revolves around the unique specialty of
“assigning his contracts” to other investor/buyers commonly, this technique is known as assignments. Eddie is the host of his own weekly radio talk show “Reality Real Estate” where he educates his listeners on the subjects of wholesaling and assignments. Eddie is dedicated to helping others succeed through understanding and applying his time tested, step-by-step approach to wholesaling houses.

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