Thursday, September 27

1.    Hire a professional!  Don’t try to do it alone in today’s market.  Buyers are now savvier than ever therefore you need a Realtor looking out for your best interests and negotiations.2.    Realtors have access to countless hundreds of websites that you as a home-owner do not. Most buyers find their home on the internet; a good listing agent will make sure your home is visible to as many buyers as possible.3.    Properly prepare your home!  De-clutter, organize, clean, and make any necessary repairs or upgrades in order to show off your ‘prize property!’ Your Realtor can help you with professional must-do items.  Remember this market holds no room for thin skin, therefore if your Realtor tells you ‘it’ has to go or you need to clean ‘it’—-get moving!!4.    A picture is worth a thousand words!  Check your home photos after your Realtor posts them.  Make sure they are bright and vibrant showing attention to detail and numerous angles so that a buyer feels as though they are touring the home first hand!5.    Don’t forget the curb appeal!  Just past your Real Estate sale sign a buyer checking out the home for a potential showing should be personally invited in by the warm welcome on the outside!  Keep all grass, shrubs, plants and the like neatly cut and trimmed.  Don’t have a green thumb?  Then be sure to hire a professional landscaper, this small investment can have big returns!6.    Never take a day off! ALWAYS have your home show ready! You never know when ‘your’ buyer will want to see your home.  I know it’s an effort but always keep the home clean and tidy while on the market.  One down day just might cost you a sale!Written byAmie Bozeman, RealtorBetter Homes and Gardens Real EstateMetro Brokers2725 Hamilton Mill Rd Suite 2400Buford, GA 30519O-404-843-2500C-770-855-5590 www.amiebozeman.com



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