High School Dropout Makes $94,000 In 60 Days Online…

Mack Zidan dropped out of high school in the 90′s to pursue the network marketing profession…

…and has made millions of dollars, with all kinds of products, all kinds of companies… without doing home meetings, 3 way calls, or any of the other ‘slave labor‘ activities that make people poor.

Watch this video – especially pay attention to his experience at our last event…



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  Just because Mack made an ‘extra’ $94,000 as an affiliate his first 60 days, AND won another $12,000 that we gave him, cash – doesn’t mean that you’ll make that much money, too.  We report average earnings, that update LIVE every 24 hours, and you can see it here:  Full Earnings Disclosure.

A couple of key points to pull out of this video:

1.  Mack hates network marketing events (truthfully – they’re either pitch tests most of the time, or the training can be summed up with ‘pitch Grandma again‘)…

….HOWEVER, he loved our event, and wants to come back to ALL of them, from now on.

Why?  Watch the video, and tell me your thoughts.

I agree.

2.  Mack made $94,000 in his first 60 days here – without home meetings, cold calls, 3 way calls, or any other traditional nonsense.

3.  It’s not how much you makeit’s how much you KEEP.

That might not seem relevant at this stage in your business – but I can personally attest to  how easy it is to blow $100,000 without thinking at higher income levels.

Trust us – learn to LIVE beneath your means NOW.

Here’s the funny thing (the untold story) about Mack:

When he got in Empower Network with Chuck Marshall, he messaged me, telling me he can move a lot of people.

Like most people who tell me that, I didn’t pay any attention.


Because, I’ve learned that there is a MASSIVE difference from what I would call ‘accidental success’ and actually knowing what you’re doing.

For example, I’ve met about 100 people who have made a million (or two) in this profession, they get started in a new company – and they can’t repeat it.

They got in at the right time – in the right place, because of a feeling they had…

…and it worked.

So when Mack said that – my response was ‘sure, let’s see what you got‘.

Next month, I think he brought in 300 people personally.


He knows what he’s doing, and why it works.

Do you?

If you don’t, it’s ok – we’ll help you succeed anyways, if you make a decision, and get all in.

Don’t be a wussy.

Just get in.

-David Wood
The Guru Slayer

P.S.  Here’s a photo of us at our ‘after party’ in Atlanta, at the first ‘Don’t Be A Wussy’ conference in 2012.  Why do we party?  Because, it’s not just about the money…

…it’s about having a life at the same time.  That includes badass parties, cool vacations, and LIVING your dreams.  If you enlarge the photo – you’ll see Raven Starre, David Sharpe, and a couple of burly looking ‘Men in Black’ type guys.

They were there to look cool :)

If you get in Empower Network (click here) I can only make you two promises:

1.  We’re the most badass group of people that you’ll ever be in business with in your life.

2.  You’ll have the most fun making money… EVER.

Just get in.

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