Finding Real Estate Mentors

When I first started in Real Estate I selected the “free way” to finding my mentors, “I used online forums”. I do not recommend that you try this as it may ultimately lead you to failure or prolong your success. What I do recommend is that if at all possible find someone who is doing what you wish to do and copy them.

First things first, I am not the type of “Mentor” that costs you significant money and requires you sign up for multiple mentoring sessions, buy multiple boot camps, etc. I am the type to motivate you and push you along.

When I first got started I only knew two things to be true. One, I wanted real estate investing to overall be my long term plan.  I wanted success so bad I could feel it in my bones. Two, I knew there had to millions of people that had already done what I wanted to do. I just needed to seek out the top guy and get him to teach me.


All I had to do was go out and find people that had done it before, simple right?


Finding a Niche

So like many of you I went to numerous book stores, went to forums online, attended various free workshops and attended local investment group meetings.

This investment of time and a few hundred dollars allowed me to review all kinds of possible options.  I read or reviewed things on Flipping, Wholesaling, Lease Options, Tax Liens, Hud Homes, Commercial, Subject To, etc.

This so called “research” lead me to the choice of focusing on wholesaling distressed properties.

The Hunt for a Mentor

Once I had my niche and I was dedicated to it, I had to go find my mentors.  As anticipated, I went online, and numerous search engines turned into my best friends.  I came across more books, courses and websites and started to really hone in on the individuals that were really doing deals instead of the glorified sales people.

My initial search lead to one result, nothing. However I did not stop trying and I eventually found one investor to be my mentor, I could not call him every day but I did everything he told me to do. Why did I choose this person to be my mentor over the others?

In my eyes he was deemed to be leading experts in the business that I wanted to do. To put it differently, they had already went down the path of success and knew what it took to succeed. A person can only take you as far as they have been so choose your teachers wisely.

They showed me how what to focus on and what not to. This was important as I had a full time job and had never really run a business before.

They seemed to be generally interested in providing quality information vs. selling information. I felt the information was thorough and not some common regurgitated tactic to purchase another course or attend another seminar.

They were talking about real deals and real experiences in today’s market.  I didn’t want what work back in 1989 I wanted to hear about what was working today.

I had confidence in them and that is the key. You have to have confidence and trust your mentors. It might seem strange at first but if they are providing you with quality information then it only makes since.

Basically, if you are new to real estate investing the first thing you should do is decide on the real estate investing nice that will work for you. Then go out and pursue professionals in that field that you can learn from that will provide you with good information without spending thousands of dollars.  You are already one step ahead of me when I started as you found this blog.


My closing statement is actually a two part question.


Who are your real estate mentors?  Could you call them right now if need be?


Good Investing