Best Ways to Find Investment Property in Nashville

Best Ways to Find Investment Property in Nashville

If you are an Nashville investment property owner you probably already know that the market has shifted quite a bit over the past few years. What were once considered ideal types of property to purchase have become either too expensive or too hard to find to make them worth the effort considering the lack of profit potential in today’s market.

The most common type of Nashville investment property for the past several years has been foreclosures. You would think that with the number of foreclosures sky rocketing in Nashville and across the country, that there would be some great real estate deals out there. But while you might get lucky every now and then and find a gem, the majority are properties where the bank has not yet come to the realization that the property is worth much less than the amount they held the mortgage for. Banks simply have so many of these foreclosed homes on their books, and this is a big reason why the banks are moving even slower when it comes to taking over a home in a foreclosure these days.

The key now as it relates to foreclosure investing, is to find house deals that are in the pre foreclosure stage. This means that the bank has not taken ownership, but the owner is several months behind on payments or quickly headed in that direction. The opportunity to pick up pre foreclosures at prices well below market value can be a win for both the investor and the homeowner. For the investor the chance to pick up a property for the outstanding mortgage balance or even less is enticing.

Another type of property to consider is wholesale properties being offloaded by other investors. Some investors have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew and purchase more properties than they can manage or rehab. In other cases they just want to free up cash in order to purchase another property they have their eye on. In any case, these homes will usually require some work, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, it can really pay off when it comes time for you to sell or find a tenant.

As an investor, your best source for finding Nashville investment property is here of course. We compile a list of the most profitable pre foreclosures and wholesale properties and make this list available to our members. Not only that, but we follow up with the owners of the properties periodically to see if their price or any other things have changed.