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instant-guruSo what’s all this I hear about this Instant Guru?

I check my e-mail and apparently I get this new message about this becoming a “instant guru”. Apparently it’s a new course that teaches you how to become an instant guru to other real estate investors? Sounds kind of cool right? After all nothing wrong with being an expert, right, RIGHT!?

Well here it is, my 2 cents on the Instant Guru, the latest product release by Preston Ely, Instant Guru!

click here for the official Instant Guru Website

So, if you’re signed up to any of the big real estate investing mailing lists, you probably have heard by now that Preston wants to show you how to become an local real estate “guru” and start up your own local mentorship program to teach other investors how to invest in real estate.

In the video, Preston explains how he went from flipping 1 house a month to flipping 10 houses per month by training students how to wholesale real estate and then partnering with them to do deals on a 50/50 split. Sounds like a downright GENIUS idea doesn’t it? Lots of leverage. Imagine, instead of doing just a few deals on your own every month, you could literally recruit a few other aspiring wholesalers, teach them the business and now you have a hand in dozens of deals every month. It’s how Preston got started in the guru business, so why not model his success, right? In the video he reveals a huge secret about this business: He’s made HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars flipping properties, but he has made MILLIONS of dollars teaching people how to do it. Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?

I know I’ve often wondered myself, what makes all these gurus more money, flipping real estate or actually TEACHING people how to flip real estate. Well the answer is finally revealed in this video.

But what if you’ve never flipped a house before? If you follow exactly what he teaches in the Instant Guru training, you’ll have your first check in hand by the end of the class.

Instant Guru Product Details

Instant Guru Course
Price: $197

So what’s included in the Instant Guru Course?

  • The 5-Week “Instant Guru” Training Course
  • Preston’s 5-Step Quick Start Guide
  • Direct Access to ME for 5 Weeks
  • My Custom Coaching Contract
  • 21 Marketing & Copy-writing Secrets Bonus Video
  • Two (2) Tickets to our next LIVE 3-Day Wholesaling & Marketing Bootcamp!
  • A 30-Day Trial of the Mini-Mentoring & Mastermind Program, where Preston will teach your students how to flip houses FOR you via live training calls, archived coaching classes, monthly “genius interviews,” tools, forms, contracts, software, & more

According to Preston, the Instant Guru is a 5 week hands on webinar training course, and for that reason, it is being limited to just 150 students. If you think this product is right for you, then you should consider taking action before his quota is filled and he closes enrollment. I know that some of you might be thinking this is just a scarcity tactic, but if you go check out his other products, you will see they are all CLOSED to the public at the time of this writing. So if you think you might be interested, I urge you to click the link below and view the video NOW!!!

Click Here To Go To The Official Instant Guru Website

P.S. I am really enjoying the newsletter wizard.

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