A Long-Term Landlord’s Guide to Rehab a Rental

Just for fun, I’d like to suggest that long-term landlords should carefully distinguish the difference between making repairs and rehabbing their rental.


And when they have an opportunity to make an upgrade, they should follow a sequence for maximum benefit.




The above graphic is a landlord-centric version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


It’s my attempt to illustrate Maslow argument that:

1.  Our needs can be grouped and prioritized

2.  Our needs must be sufficiently satisfied before we can aspire to satisfy the next higher set of needs

3. It’s our nature to want to climb the pryramid


Would you agree that a tenant won’t full appreciate their landlord’s holiday card (love) if they climb wobbly stairs everyday (safety)?


Do you think there’s an optimal sequence to rehabbing a rental (not repairing but upgrading)?

Original Source: A Long-Term Landlord’s Guide to Rehab a Rental